Welcome to The Date Maven

I’m Suzanna, and I run a date-coaching and matchmaking consultancy called The Date Maven.

I help smart, successful singles find love on a daily basis.

I see love everywhere.
I see social opportunities everywhere.
I see reasons to be brave everywhere.

Is it time to elevate your dating?

If your love life is lackluster, I can help. Courtship is my specialty! 

Reach out and introduce yourself: suzanna@thedatemaven.com

Your task is not to seek for love but to seek and find all barriers you have built against it. – Rumi

“I’ve been meddling in people’s love lives for 25 years . . .”

And ever since I launched The Date Maven in 2011, my passionate purpose has been to make dating more fun and effective through the successful use of business and marketing strategies and life-coaching tools, providing hope for men and women desiring a quality relationship.

I’m going to teach you how to present yourself in the dating market + how to be seen and heard by the right men and women online and off — all while you experience unprecedented personal growth and self-discovery.

It’s been said that the goal of all teachers should be to equip students to get along without them. That’s my goal for you. I can be your matchmaker and do the “heavy lifting” for you. Or I can teach you how to be your own matchmaker — knowledge and skills you can use for a lifetime. Let the journey begin!

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E-mail: Suzanna@TheDateMaven.com
[Please note that we are unable to take unscheduled phone calls and email is the most effective way to reach us.]

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