Our Values

Just as it is important to define your values both for relationships and personal growth, we define our values as the guiding principles for any service we offer and any endeavor of the heart we journey upon.

What do we ask of you?
Coachability. Commitment. Vision. Realism.

What can you expect from us?
Experience, Integrity, Knowledge, Leadership in the community and in the dating & relationship industry, Passion, and Skill. Let’s elaborate . . .


We ask every client we work with to approach the process with an open mind and an open heart.


When mastering the skills we teach, it’s best to focus on one thing, get good at it, then focus on the next thing.


We are all about making a difference – quickly. Expect to dive in – and dive deep!


Love is an energetic exchange. Money is also an energetic exchange – and one that must take place in order to create massive change. The flow of love, money, and happiness are evidence that we are creating positive change!


Our PASSION is with serving our clients. We put a primacy on self-actualization, authenticity, and integrity. Everything else follows after that.


Our advice is sometimes counter-intuitive and not always comfortable. But we deliver positive outcomes for our clients.


The old dating model where one person takes and the other person gives is dead. The old dating model where there are too many rules to remember (let alone function with) is dead. The old dating model where no one dates and everyone just hangs out and hooks up is dead (or should be). In the new dating model, there must be mutuality, value, and intimacy of hearts, bodies, minds, and spirits.

Our Pledge to our Clients:

Know that we always take into account your values, appearance, lifestyle, relationship history and attitudes, social environment, and need for privacy and discretion.