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If you have some questions or are feeling a little confused or overwhelmed, let’s schedule a free 20-minute discovery session. (Scroll down for directions.)

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How to tell which step is right for you:

Maybe you’re not quite ready for love and relationship. Maybe you’re not sure what it will be like to work with a dating coach! If that’s you, let’s put a free, brief discovery call on the calendar. 

However… If you can’t wait to find “the one” and you’re hungry for some quick, actionable steps that will change your dating game, let’s have a 1-hour Dating Audit & Strategy Session in person or by phone. You’ll be feeling more empowered and proactive in social situations by next weekend! Or, maybe you want some laser-focused expert advice about a particular person or specific dating situation. Either way, you’ll get a taste for what it’s like to work with me for 6, 12, or 24 weeks — to truly transform your “state of dating.”

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