It’s been said that people change when they hurt enough that they have to, learn enough that they want to, and receive enough that they are able to. If you are there — if you’re standing at the crossroads of your hurt and your want of something better and the knowledge that you are able to do something about it — then YOU are my kind of person. And I can help you.

Feel that itch in your fingertips? That’s the magical, magnetic, meaningful urge to reach out to me about your love life! Don’t resist the itch!!

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After all, nothing will change until you’re sick and tired of no change!

This is the moment you find out who you are what you want. #lovefavorsthebrave

If you want to change your “dating story” immediately and you’re excited to begin, you’re ready to schedule a 1 Hour Dating Audit & Strategy Session with me!

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Maybe you’re not quite ready for love and relationship. Maybe you’re not sure what it will be like to work with a dating coach! If that’s you, let’s put a free, brief discovery call on the calendar. 

However… If you can’t wait to find “the one” and you’re hungry for some quick, actionable steps that will change your dating game, let’s have a 1-hour Dating Audit & Strategy Session in person or by phone. You’ll be feeling more empowered and proactive in social situations by next weekend!

Or, maybe you want some laser-focused expert advice about a particular person or specific dating situation. Either way, you’ll get a taste for what it’s like to work with me for 6, 12, or 24 weeks — to truly transform your “state of dating.”

Action. Connection. Repetition. Patience. 

That’s the magic formula. That’s what makes my coaching WORK. Shall we begin?

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