4 Things a Man Can Do to Raise His Bedroom Game (That Will Have Her Coming Back for More!)

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As men, each one of us owns the responsibility of creating an environment and connection that will entice the object of our affection to crave us.  To some degree, this is luck.  Sometimes people’s personalities and energies just dovetail perfectly.  Sometimes, in rare situations, the normal strategies don’t work or are not even tried, and an enchanting tangling of souls and bodies occurs regardless.  But if you want to ensure you have a connection and repeat dates and sexual encounters, there are…

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My Book of Imperfections: Would you like a copy?

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Each of us has an unwritten but deeply inscribed “book” inside that catalogs our insanities and imperfections… but when do you show your lover those chapters?  I’ve been enamored, of late, with The Course of Love, a book by Allain de Botton, and his other work exploring and exposing Romanticism. (He has books, videos, newsletters, and more, if the bug of debunking romanticism bites you too!) He says in one of his lectures that “We don’t need people to be…

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You’re Not Forever Alone

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The thought crosses every person’s mind who is single at one time or another. Will I ever “find the one?” or will I be “forever alone.” The answer is all based on your attitude. Negativity is love repellent, instantly killing chemistry’s chances of making a match. Meeting people, interacting, and dating are all dependent on the attitude and aura we put out into the world. For instance, when we first meet someone in a local scene, a first impressions is…

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