Do You Ever Feel Invisible?

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Maybe you feel invisible amidst all the online dating profiles.

Maybe you feel invisible when you walk into a crowded cocktail party, fundraiser, or networking event. Your only friend there is your cell phone or the cheese platter, maybe?

Maybe you feel invisible on the weekends when you hole up at home, getting your errands and chores done, and before you know it, the weekend is over and you haven’t gone anywhere or done anything fun – or met anybody new.

I provide an invisibility cure for my clients.

Occasionally, some people shy away from even inquiring about what I do. They shy away from asking the types of questions that would reveal to them just how much my clients love me. They shy away from the kinds of questions that would show them just how much their personal lives can change for the better.

They get hung up on an unspoken worry such as, “I’ll be the weirdo who had to pay someone to find a relationship!” Or they get hung up on an unspoken worry such as, “How much does a love coach or dating coach cost?”

I have a better question for them: How much is your invisibility costing you?

Again, I solve invisibility problems for the people I work with. For my matchmaking clients, I bring people through the gate.

What does that mean, specifically?

We follow an organized strategy. We use multiple tools and technologies. We explore many metaphors. Sometimes my job is to provide a counterpoint, a shocking statistic, or an innovative way of doing something you’ve always done.

I also provide timely guidance on the things that are happening right now in your social life and love life. And yes, sometimes it’s emotional.

Everyone has a different story and a different lens through which they view relationships. Sometimes those stories are due for a transformation; the lenses are due for some polish. We work on all aspects of your life – because it’s all connected: your health & wellness, your personal development, your professional development, and your spirituality. It’s all part of your total package.

Bottom line: I help people get relationship-ready and be bold. I help you shine your light. I help you provide a higher vibration than what’s currently found in the dating market.

Want to lay the groundwork as you’re getting ready to work with a dating advisor or dating coach? Here are a few steps you can take right now:

  1. Get an updated professional photo.
  2. Write a short bio about yourself.
  3. Think in advance about what kind of questions you want to ask me – and what kinds of questions I’m likely to ask you! I don’t offer my services to everyone who inquires, so it’s important to put your best foot forward with me as well – and be ready for some Q&A that could eventually change your life!
  4. Make a commitment. Make a commitment to your happiness. Make a commitment to pursuing what you want.

If anything I shared here spoke to you, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I invite you to reach out to me at


Suzanna Mathews is known as “The Date Maven,” the Midwest’s premier dating expert, author, speaker, and matchmaker. She’s been studying dating & mating for nearly 25 years and she specializes in helping smart, successful, self-actualizing singles as they navigate the dating market.

Her signature coaching program for women is Brass Tacks & Platinum Bands: A Massive Action Program for Finding a Husband. Her signature coaching program for men is Putting the MAN in RoMANce: Dating Strategies for High-Integrity Men. She works with clients of all ages across North America.