October Resolutions

October is upon us, the end of the year is at our door step. Did you have New Years Resolutions? I know, the conversation should be all about jack-o-lanterns and falling leaves but did you follow them through?

Was branching out, challenging yourself, and meeting someone one of your resolutions?

If you didn’t follow through, or if you’ve gotten stuck, you don’t need to wait till January to reset your initiative. Let’s make October a month of achievement and personal growth.

If you’re seeking to grow your love life or potential for meeting someone, then I extend to you this challenge. Join a dating website or app. If you’re already on one, then the challenge is to re-make your profile. Get pictures taken, update the information, be clear and forthright showcasing who you are.

I’ll provide some dating websites/apps, however, there are many, many different sites for many different people. These are some of the more general popular options, but don’t be afraid to search for niche or outlets that are more appealing to you and who you’re searching for. Remember to think with the mind of the person you’re trying to attract. What medium would they be on?

I’d love to hear if you follow through on the challenge, feel free to shoot me an e-mail saying “I Did it!”

Let’s start October out on the right foot! If you’re a little in the dark on how to approach this dating app/website challenge or how to refresh your profile, I have some services that may benefit you that we can talk through in a free 20-minute consult

Remember, Love Favors the Brave!