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Suzanna has been featured on numerous media outlets across the globe…

As a part of the tour for her book, “Revising Mrs. Robinson” (now available on Amazon), she’s been featured on radio shows and podcasts across the world, including:

Women Speakers Association, How Women Claim Personal Power

Denise Levy, The Gulf Coast Matchmaker

KarenLee Poter, Sex Talk With My Mom

Robert Manni, The Guy’s Guy

Scot McKay, The Mountaintop

Dr. LoriBeth Bisbey, The A to Z of Sex

Cece Shatz, The Going Solo Network

Christina Weber, Christian Biz Owners on Fire

Lorna Poole, Magnet for Love

Chelli Pumphrey, Destination Love

Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane

ICT Connect

The “And I Thought” Ladies

Cheryl Besner, Solo in the City

Laura Harju, The Mosaic of Love

Pat Wu, Wooist

Wendy Capewell, The Relationship Specialist

Jessa Zimmerman, The Better Sex Podcast

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