I’m proud to say that I have a very high success rate, thanks to the trust that my wonderful clients put in me and the investment they make in their self-discovery and self-evolution.

That’s an important quality for us to have in our coaching relationship. As Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass, explains: “Lots of people wish for change, really, really want it, are willing to invest the time and money into it but are ultimately not willing to get uncomfortable enough to actually make anything happen. Which means they don’t want it as badly as they say they do.”

The people who truly want a relationship and are willing to be proactive to get what they want . . .Those are my people. If you’re one of the few who won’t just read along, mouth the words and nod like a bobble-head but will actually DO the plan we design for you, then hooray! I can help you find love.

You taught me to be . . . not the crazy girlfriend, always freaking out about something, anxiously texting, or wondering why he hadn’t contacted me or who else he was talking to. You taught me what to worry about and what not to worry about, what I could control and what I couldn’t. You taught me to be smart, calm and strategic — and to know my own worth.

R.M., Wichita, KS

I want to commend you for listening carefully to my input . . . It’s a rare skill to listen to what people are saying and hear what they mean. My sincerest thanks!

H.T., Wichita, KS

Suzanna is a brilliant woman. She walks circles around other experts!

A.S., Wichita, KS

Thank you for all the great advice over the last year. You were always on target and I could not have reached my goal of a deep relationship without your help. I will always be grateful.

D.D., Wichita, KS

As a result of my coaching program, I became more aware of the patterns (good and bad) that plagued me in my relationships. An important change for me was recognizing and having a willingness to correct the negative behaviors I exhibited in previous relationships. . . . Suzanna gave me tools weekly to aid me in discovering things about relationships and even myself that I wasn't aware of before.

C.S., Wichita, KS

Suzanna provides a very valuable service. Her professionalism and dedication to her clients shows how much she cares about helping them find the right person. She lets you work at your own individual pace. Suzanna helps you identify what you truly want in your mate. She will give you the tools and a game plan to make dating an enjoyable experience again.

D.M., Wichita, KS

Suzanna’s approach is very professional and takes into account the client’s confidentiality and opportunities. She clearly spells what she will do and puts responsibility on the client as well. Her's is a well thought out process.

C.F., Wichita, KS

Your advice worked quick! Last night I was at a party and just told myself I’m just going to introduce myself to somebody and that’s it. I felt so relaxed and calm and at the top of my game afterward that I went home with a date lined up next Sunday!

N.F., Wichita, KS

I am a woman of a certain age who is entering the dating arena following a 13 year marriage. Time had slipped by me in the world of dating. With the advent of “online” dating, everything had changed and I felt like I didn’t know where to start meeting eligible men. Working with Suzanna has helped me to gain confidence and to move forward. It has also a helped me to know better who I am and what I am looking for in a relationship. I am excited to see where I will be in another year! I have appreciated Suzanna’s honesty and encouragement along the journey.

C.S., Harvey County, KS

Suzanna, only after one evening, I’m a bit overwhelmed. I received IMs from several – what I would consider – hot guys! I had lots of requests to get off IM and go to email. Here’s the good news. Remember the first cute guy we zeroed in on when we were looking at guys’ profiles? He was the first one to IM me and then email me. We are meeting for lunch today. There are a couple of other interesting gentlemen emailing as well. I think this will be fun! Thanks again for your wonderful help yesterday!

M.M., Wichita, KS

Suzanna's high level of professionalism and dedication is reflected in her company and as a leader in the matchmaking industry. I highly recommend her services to professional singles.

Amanda Rose Founder/CEO, Dating Boutique

I used a previous matchmaker and find Suzanna the best by far. She truly cares for her clients, is very responsive and, most importantly, is intuitive to the point that in some ways she knows me better than I know myself. She identifies areas where I need to rethink my dating approach, and is so helpful at coaching me with the right words and actions that increases my enjoyment and success on my dates. What is unusual is finding someone who “gets” both women and men so well.

J.L., Bloomington, IN

Every time I presented a new part of me, you responded, giving new tools and information to find myself. I feel like I have the right path going forward. What I need to focus on . . . is learning to enjoy myself, liking myself, being comfortable, not worrying about my flaws, being real, being me, and putting it out there! That's the biggest accomplishment. I realize going forward I need to get to know me and be me. And everything's going to fall into place. I consider this a big success. It' a different success than I was thinking when I first made the call. But it's about planting the seeds and this will bring a lot of good things in my life.

R. G., Wichita, KS

Suzanna knows her way around all things dating, relationships and the human connection. Open your heart and she’ll have you dancing through your journey to LOVE in no time.

Rhonda Hale Warren, life coach, Kansas City, MO

I have had the pleasure of knowing Suzanna Mathews professionally, having met at an industry conference. Suzanna is collaborative, always willing to share and discuss new ideas. She hosts a matchmaker mastermind group for her peers, which demonstrates initiative and solid enthusiasm to constantly improve in her profession. Suzanna is definitely an accomplished professional and always carries herself in a very pleasant manner.

-Elisa Vaherno, matchmaker, Finland