Dating Coaching

Let’s face it, dating is not always easy. Everyone needs help from time to time and we are here to provide you the coaching you need to represent your best self and get past the ickier aspects of dating.

“You learn faster and better if you get expert supervision.” — Harville Hendrix

We tend to agree. If you have a big problem in your dating and relationship life, what are you going to believe in? A free ebook? Free advice from your BFF? Or an expert with decades of experience who gives world-class support?

Working with any kind of personal improvement coach is a transformational thing. Our fees are based on the outcomes we deliver.

So, what exactly makes our level of support the “above and beyond” variety?

  1. We are open to scheduling client sessions on weekends when it suits your schedule as a busy professional. (Most dating coaches and matchmakers work Mon-Fri — pretty much when you’re at work as well and your mind isn’t on dating or socializing!)
  2. We invite our clients to text between sessions, as needed, for just-in-time troubleshooting and advice. (Many of our peers don’t make themselves so readily available.)
  3. We might be focusing on dating & relationships, but if we see a way to help you in another area of your life (career, friendships, health, etc.) we’ll support that and provide resources toward that — no extra fee.
  4. We access our worldwide network of fellow dating coaches, matchmakers, and industry experts to make sure we always have the best, most up-to-date information on dating (online and offline) plus connections to singles across the globe.
  5. “Small is the new big” as the saying goes. At The Date Maven, this means that you aren’t a faceless, forgettable member of a massive database. It means that we only work with a handful of select clients at a time, in order to give a higher caliber of personalized attention. There is no “revolving door” as is the case with frequent staff turnovers at most large-scale dating agencies. In fact, many of our clients become friends! The relationship we develop is one where we celebrate all the major milestones with you — from weddings to promotions at work to vacations to baby showers!

Email to schedule a free 20-minute Discovery Call to learn more. 

P.S. If you’re new to the idea of working with a life coach, you may not know how to “shop” for one. It’s important to be an informed consumer. If you’d like to know more about assessing value within the coaching and dating industries, or if you’d like to know how much “bang” to expect for your buck, click here: Investing in Yourself with Coaching

To find out more about what is offered with date coaching, check out my Date Coach Infographic. If you’re ready to learn more, book a discovery call with Suzanna. We won’t waste your time.

Topics covered may include the following:

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Online Dating Profile Makeover

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Intergenerational Dating: Older Women, Younger Men

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The Gold Standard: High Net Worth Dating

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Flirting Fundamentals

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Enchanted Romance: Soulful, Spiritual Relationships

(Namaste Dating)

Date Maven, Dating Coaching, Matchmaking, Breakup, Wichita, Kansas

The Better Breakup: A Breakup Booster


“Sexy Silvers” for Singles Over 60

Private mixers with curated guest lists for select clients

AND Ladies Day Out events

Game-changing date coaching programs begin at $150. 

Life-changing matchmaking programs begin at $5,500.


“When someone wants to find love, the first thing they think of is The Date Maven.”

Your free time is rare and valuable, but you want to share it with someone you adore. You have no qualms about hiring someone to clean your house, mow your lawn and run errands for you. Ready for help with the most important part of your life?

Date Maven Matchmaking is a concierge-style service for premium clients who already enjoy a wonderful lifestyle but want to find someone special to share it. Our 4-step process for vetting your prospective introductions ensures peace of mind and ease of dating for you.

Matchmaking services are customized to each individual client and include unlimited access to The Date Maven, backed up by our promise: uber-focused, relentless attention to the goal of finding a partner for you!

Looking to join the matchmaking prospects but not interested in getting specialized help and guidance? You can join our Little Black Book for free!

Email us to set up a phone consultation at

To learn more about what my Matchmaking program covers, check out my Matchmaking Infographic.

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Group Speaking Engagements

I am available to speak to college groups, religious groups, women’s groups, men’s groups and media on a wide range of dating and relationship topics. Please contact for booking information or to request an interview.

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Image Consulting

There are no do-overs when it comes to first impressions so it’s important to be spot-on with grooming, apparel and personal presentation. This package is like a better dater’s version of the TV show “What Not to Wear” — only without the huge, humiliating garbage can!

Image consulting, Date Maven, Dating Coaching, Matchmaking, Wichita, Kansas

Spiritual Officiant


Everything I do as a dating coach and matchmaker is geared toward helping people find The One. So it was logical for me to take the next step and become qualified to officiate at weddings. I would be honored to marry you and your beloved. Ready to say “I do?” Email me at to start the conversation.

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