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Need a speaker that brings a unique perspective and diverse background? Suzanna is a strong, passionate female entrepreneur who has a broad range of speaking topics based around communication, social science, and psychology that have come from years of education, research, and experience. She has multiple signature speeches that she can customize to your organization.

Ask about her signature speech, entitled Are You Sniffable? 6 Sizzlin’ Tips To Change the Way You Relate and Get More Business, Friendship, and Romance. Other talks include:

  • 7 Deadly Dating Sins (And How to Save Yourself in the Dating Game)
  •  3 Pillars of Strategic Networking: How to find the Business, Friendship, and Romance You Want
  •  Brave Days: How Dating & Entrepreneurship are Alike
  •  Finding Romance
  •  Branding the Brave: How I Built My Personal Brand (and you can too!)
  •  The First Impression Formula: My 3 Secrets to Making a Fantastic First Impression!
  •  Love That Gap! Intergenerational Romantic Relationships

Suzanna’s talks are perfect for:

  • Networking groups
  • Philanthropy groups
  • Professional advancement groups
  • Referral or leads groups
  • Social groups
  • Alumni groups
  • Church groups
  • Conferences & Conventions
  • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Hobbyist or special interest clubs
  • Meet Up groups
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Suzanna’s topics:

Topics can be modified to suit the interests and needs of your audience; some prefer a more professional development tone and others are looking for more of a personal development approach.

Either way, your audience will walk away feeling informed, empowered, entertained, and ready to take the next step! To discuss the needs of your audience e-mail

The Date Maven

A sample of the groups Suzanna has spoken for:

1 Million Cups                                             Rotary Clubs
Wichitalks                                                  Polka Dot Powerhouse
National Federation of Press Women             Finishing School for Modern Women
Accounting and Finance Women                    Wichita Public Relations Society of America
Delta Gamma

If you’re interested in hearing more, contact

She coaches aspiring speakers too! If you’ve ever sat through a boring presentation (or given a boring presentation!) you know what a lost opportunity it was for the audience. Save yourself – and your team – and ask for Suzanna, the experienced communication coach who uses data, humor, stories, and practical tools and techniques to educate, entertain, and inspire.

For over two decades, she has helped everyone from students to mid-level managers to c-suite executives create dynamic content and a confident presentation style.

For a taste of Suzanna’s speaking visit her YouTube Channel.

Suzanna is a member of:

Our organization has a focus on both career and personal development for women in all accounting and related fields. Suzanna was able to address both those focus areas with her “First Impression Formula” presentation. Her presentation was professional, entertaining, and informative. Her deliverables hit the mark on how we as women professionals can improve our communications in all aspects of life. I, personally, see great value in her formula and will apply it in all my future interactions. I look forward to hearing more of her presentations and would definitely recommend her to other professional organizations seeking development opportunities.

–Diane Reed, AFWA Board member.

Regardless of age, gender or demographic, Suzanna knows how to connect with each person in a room. Her ability to gauge the audience and adjust as needed, is reflected in the various environments I’ve been fortunate enough to engage with her. I would highly recommend Suzanna for future speaking engagements.

Jacob Wayman, One Million Cups